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We are a community.

But we don't always behave as one.
Show that you support the whole community
and not only those that are just like you.

This website is meant to be a celebration of diversity. It is about people like you or me: regular people with a fetish. #WeAreFetish will share their stories regularly. Sometimes in the form of an interview, a video, a longform article... If you have an interesting story to share, don't hesitate to reach out through our social media channels. If you like a story: be sure to share it! Finally, you'll also find some things you can do to spread the message. Good luck!

july 15 2021


“fetish has no gender”. We talk to Bee about inclusion in the fetishscene.”

“I don’t regret pushing boundaries, it was important to create space for everyone, and everyone deserved to be included.”

june 13 2021


“fetish has no color”. We talk to Jinx about life as a young kinkster of color.”

"I’ve had men tell me I’m too black to be in the community and that I deserve to be a slave because I’m African "

September 2 2020


“fetish has no race”. We talk to Leather Mister X about the Asian fetish scene.

“Sadly we still do have to fight for inclusivity, just to be part of the fetish community.”

August 7 2020


“fetish has no gender”. We talk to Max Groen, formerly known as Joke about gender fluidity. Hello Max, can you give a little introduction of yourself?

“We are definitely a minority in the fetish community. But honestly, I don’t experience it in a negative way. Everyone I talk to in the scene is openminded and is ready to learn about the topic.”

juli 24 2020


"Fetish has no age" Meet one of the youngest leatherguys around. We talk to Tris about his fetish life at young age .

"For as far as I remember, I’ve always been attracted to leather. I started my collection as soon as I turned 18 and I slowly started to make contacts with guys through the Internet then I met some of them, created links and discovered some events."

juli 07 2020


Leatherman, husband, founder of Mister B. We talk to Wim Bos about living Fetish in different times.

"What I have learned in life is that love and understanding of everyone is a necessity. You should allow yourself that too. Everyone, straight/gay/trans/ fetish/thin/fat/black/white/young or old, however you are, is just as valuable and deserving of pride of his or her existence as he or she works on that. Others oughtn’t judge that but should accept everyone with respect. You are the measure of your existence."

June 30 2020


Folsom, Darklands, Mister Leather judge, Lady?! We talk to Leena about her fetish life.

"After some trips to Europe I was judging Mr Leather or Fetish competitions in Rome, Barcelona and Milan. My main topics are spreading the joy and pushing more diversity and tolerance to the fetish scene. I think I did something good, because I was awarded with a sash: Miss "titleholder" Best Friend Europe 2019 at Folsom Berlin. But I noticed soon, that a straight woman between gay men is still something strange."

June 09 2020

Dries Pup Spunk

Young, handsome, kinky, ... cancer?! We talk to Dries about his fetish life.

"I’ve grown a lot through all of this. I always like being different but in my teenage years I never really had the balls to act upon those feelings. Now I have a mohawk, have my first piercing, dress more unique/daring! I never cared what people thought of me but hearing from other people I looked great and “rock” a certain outfit really did make me push my limits."

May 26 2020

Allen Weavingcowboy

100% family man to his wife and kids. 100% member of his church. 100% leatherman. Meet Allen and his fetish life.

"If I ever argue with someone it is because I want them to work to being inclusive of all leather folk, not just the cool kids or the ones with the perfect bodies and perfect gear. As a person who was severely bullied as a kid, I know what it is like to be left out or shamed. I want no one to go through that stuff."

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